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Preparing Your Home for Fall

Tips for Preparing your Home for Fall Weather in Savannah GA

Fall is not only the time of colorful forest trails and misty mornings, it’s also a good time to take care of the little things that will help maintain your home. Most of these things you can handle yourself and even if you choose to hire professional services it’s well worth the expense.

Get your home in order for the coming winter with these Fall cleaning tips

Interior Preparation

  1. Have your furnace inspected

This should be done once a year and fall is usually the best time for it as you’ll be using it a lot more in the colder months ahead. Hire an HVAC contractor to test for leaks, change the filter and do a carbon monoxide check.

  1. Improve home safety

Go over all your homes safety devices and see if they’re working correctly. Check your smoke and CO2 alarms. They should be fully dusted and have their batteries changed. Also, check your fire extinguishers to be sure they’re working properly. 

  1. Improve insulation

With winter fast approaching now’s the time to improve your home’s insulation. With better insulation in your attic and walls, you’ll be able to keep cold drafts from coming inside your home. This will improve your energy efficiency as your furnace won’t have to do overtime.

  1. Set your thermostat

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat buy one and set it for colder periods. By setting your thermostat to lower the temperature automatically at night and when you’re not at home you can make big savings on your energy bills

Exterior Preparation

  1. Do a roof inspection

A careful inspection from the ground with a pair of binoculars should do it. Check for any missing, loose or damaged shingles. If you can, try and get on the roof for a closer look. You can do repairs yourself or hire a contractor to do it.

  1. Stock up on firewood

Make sure your well stocked up on firewood. If you gather your own make sure their dry and store them in a dry location or under a tarp. For safety reasons, it’s better to store them away from the house.

  1. Clean the gutters

Not the most pleasant job but it’s something that has to be done. Get a ladder and start removing leaves, nests, and debris from the gutters. You can always hire a contractor to save you doing it yourself.

  1. Reinforce windows and doors

If your expecting rough weather ahead prepare your windows and doors. Remove screens and refit them with storm windows and doors. Make sure their properly sealed

  1. Check sprinklers and irrigation systems

If you live in a colder climate you may need to drain and service your irrigation system. Have a professional do any repairs and store away what you can. This goes for garden hoses as well. Outdoor faucets should be shut off and valves closed off.


Although winter may still seem a long way off now is the best time to prepare. Follow these tips and anything else your home might need. You’ll feel grateful once the first snow begins to fall.

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7 Things to do in Savannah During October

7 things to do in Savannah during October

October is the perfect time to visit Georgia’s most beautiful city. It’s a good deal cooler than in the summer and Savannah has a host of different festivals on for all age groups. Expect busy crowds with multiple events on each weekend that are guaranteed to get your taste buds moving and your cultural knowledge up to date. The month ends with Halloween which is another reason to visit Savannah, reputedly one of the most haunted cities in the country. Make your reservations ahead of time because this month plans to be a busy one.

Savannah Greek Festival

Location: St. Paul’s Hellenic center
Date: October 12th – 14th

This year’s annual Greek festival is planning to be bigger than last year’s one. With 67 years of tradition expect lots of Gyros, Moussaka and traditional clothes and dancing. The three-day festival presented by Savannah’s Greek community will feature plenty of Greek foods, desserts, traditional dancing, and music. Church tours will be run and a there’ll be plenty to shop for among the stalls

October Festival

Location:  Morrell Park & Rousakis Plaza
Date: October 6th – 8th

Get your German hat and grab your beer mug for another riotous three days of the annual October festival. The tapping of the keg opening ceremony begins at 4 pm which is then followed by endless supplies of German craft beer, bratwurst, and live music. There’ll also be a comedy hour on each day and a kid’s zone for families to let their little ones enjoy.

Savanah Pride Festival

Location: Ellis Square
Date: October 26th – 28th

With pub crawls, museum tours and award-winning singers, this year’s Pride festival promises to be a big one. Bars and pubs all around Ellis Square will be doing promotional drinks and there’s a museum tour for every interest. After being inspired by the art exhibits be sure to sign up for one of the workshops and seminars. When the downtown takeover begins, Grammy award-winning singer Estelle will be leading the entertainment.

Savannah Film Festival

Location: Multiple venues
Date: October 28th – November 4th

The quarterly SCAD FILM festival spotlights some of the hottest entertainment this year with a host of honorary guests such as Salma Hayek Pinault, Zoey Deutch, Richard Gere and Sir Patrick Stewart, to name just a few. Blockbuster premiers, fascinating documentaries, and stunning visuals will be found in abundance.

Savannah Speed Classic

Location: The Westin, Savannah Harbor
Date: October 27th – 29th

Get your dose of adrenaline at the Savanah Speed Classic hosted on Savannas own Hutchinson island. With its cobblestoned streets and historic past, the island comes alive for three days at the birthplace of Grand Pix racing. For engine and speed lovers this is a great day out family, couples, and friends.

Savannah Jewish Festival

Location: Monterey Square
Date: October 29th

This year’s Shalom Y’All Jewish Food Festival will be held on the last Sunday of October from 11 am to 3 pm. Come for the food stay for the culture. This annual event draws about 10,000 people and features delectable Jewish cuisine dishes and entertainment for all ages.

Haunted Ghost Tour

Location: Multiple Venues
Date: October 8th – 13th

Both kids and adults are in for a scare this month. The Savannah Ghosts and Folklore tour brings you on a guided tour of Savannah’s most famous ghostly sites and legends. This southern Gothic town has heaps of history hidden in its walls and more than a few tragic events that have birthed legends.

The Ghost Trolley Tour takes you around Savannah’s historic district and trills you with stories of hanged slaves, suicidal wives, and murdered husbands. Get into the spirit of Halloween with one of these terrifying tours.

Adults will love the fun, fear, and romp of the savannah Haunted Pub Crawl. Get your costumes on and join the guide (also in period costume) for a humorous and intriguing 2-hour candlelit walking tour. You’ll get to sample both types of ‘spirits’ in Savannah’s hallowed pubs. Almost every pub has its own ghost story and what better way to see Savannah then with two of its most time-honored traditions, ghost stories, and alcohol.

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How to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

Your home is one of your most important investments so protecting it from natural disasters should be a top priority. The Atlantic storm season is heating up with more storms expected in the wake of Harvey and Irma. If you’re in harm’s way, either now, or in the coming weeks, then you should take all the necessary precautions.

Not all these improvements will require a serious investment but if you have the budget it’s well worth retrofitting your home as much as you can. Other things are just a matter of simple preparation which is within anyone means. Read on to discover what you can do for your home and family.

Stormproof your home

There are numerous steps you can take to storm-proof your home. Some will call for more of an investment but others not so much.

  • Secure your roof – you can reduce roof damage by installing hurricane straps and clips to secure the roof to your house’s frame. This, along with other methods will give you the best protection.
  • Buy or purchase storm windows – you can purchase commercially made storm windows, or make your own for each window and door. Use exterior grade or marine plywood that’s at least five-eighths of an inch thick and cut them to fit each window. Use more heavily reinforced plywood to cover large pieces of glass like sliding doors.
  • Secure porches and carports – if you have a porch or carport attached to your home this could cause severe damage in heavy winds. Make sure the posts supporting your porch are securely attached to the ground.
  • Install head and foot bolts on each door – protect doors against heavy winds by installing bolts at the top and bottom. This is both affordable and easy to do yourself.
  • Caulk around doors and windows – to protect your home from moisture damage apply caulk around the edges of your doors and windows. Make sure you do it right.
  • Test sump pumps and drains – test your sump pumps and drains to ensure that they’re working correctly. Also, keep an extra set of fresh batteries on hand.
  • Clear your lawn – don’t leave anything around your lawn that could act as a flying missile. Secure and store any garden furniture, flower pots and other items

Review your insurance policies

Home insurance policies can vary a lot by region. check that you’re adequately covered and if not take out extra insurance. Standard home insurance does not cover flood insurance so consider taking out some extra coverage. Your insurance agent can help with all this. If there’s an imminent storm on the way it may be too late for this. If however, you’re in a safe zone then now is the time to do this.

Take an inventory of your property

Lastly, take a survey of your home and possessions each year. This way you’ll know exactly what you have and what it’s worth. This will make dealing with the aftermath much easier as you’ll know exactly where you stand.