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Selling Season in Savannah

Those thinking that it is still a “Buyers Market” seem to think that National reports on falling prices applies to all markets–not so! In many markets, prices are slowly inching up and if a buyer doesn’t step up and pay the price, someone else will surely do it!

THE FACTS: Prices have stabilized in many segments of the real estate market and are starting to shift upwards….Inventories are narrowing as prices have reached the lowest levels in years and sales took an upward trend in many markets. The older, more distressed houses that are selling right now are those that have been priced at the lowest levels in order to move them. It is working, and smart investors are fearless when it comes to buying these homes–the potential is tremendous for new development in these properties….builders are buying these homes, sometimes in multiples, in order to be in a postion to build when the market normalizes. The areas that are still suffering are those feeling the after-effects of foreclosure–healing in these areas has been stifled by the negative affects on prices of neighboring properties

The Second Quarter has started off with a bang! Interest reartes are creeping up and with prices at such a bargain buyers are getting “off the fence”. Contrary to popular belief the lenders are making loans.

Don’t be that Buyer that look back and says. “I should have bought in 2011”

Here’s the reality: If you are multiple listed, staged well, tidy, and have been on the market for 60 or 90 days with no offers or few lookers, the market has spoken. You need to reduce your price. You aren’t the Smith’s down at the end of the cul de sac who sold in the first 30 days. They had something, or ten things, you don’t have. And the only adjustment you can make to the buying public is price. A feature ad won’t do it. A newspaper display ad won’t get it done. Open Houses won’t do it either. If you are on the MLS, I can show you how many people have clicked on you online and clicked off every week since we listed. You aren’t a secret. Quite the opposite: with public searches, serious prospects can tell me their opinion of every feature in your home by their online search.

If we are in showing condition with my marketing and you aren’t sold, the faster we address price the faster we will get your home sold.

I know you will not make on your home what you may have a few years ago but you will make that up on the buying end.

Remember it is a great time to buy a home. There are buyers out there taking advantage of those low interest rates.
I am looking forward to working with you.

REALTOR, Judy McDougal

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ZIP Codes: 31406, 31411, 31410, 31328, 31401, 31404, 31405, 31322

Approximate Location Boundaries: Savannah,Tybee Island,Rincon,Garden City,Richmond Hill

Location Characteristics: Welcome to our beautiful city! Savannah and surrounding areas of the “Low Country” are abound with salt marshes, creeks, rivers and the Atlantic Ocean. Nesteled into a protected area of the Southeast Coast The City of Savannah is located only 18 miles from the ocean on the Savannah River. It is the jewel of the South featuring a large Historic District with charming squares, monuments, parks and ancient moss laden oak trees.
Please come vistit our lovely city.